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Acworth Tree Services, Trimming, Cutting & Care Company

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Our Services Include :

ree Trimming & Cutting
- Tree Pruning & Shaping
- Tree Spraying & Fertilization
- Stump Grinding
- Lot Clearing& Debris Removal
Tree Removal
- Emergency Tree Services
- Lot Clearing & Land Cleared
- Multiple Tree Cutting
- Large Tree Extraction


Acworth Tree Service has been caring for the trees of Acworth, Atlanta, and much  of the Southeatern United States for well over 30 years. Many of our talented crew members call the Acworth, GA area home and we pride ourselves on caring for your trees as if they were our own. We offer professional, expert service for all of your unique Tree Care needs. Our comprehensive Tree Care Service  Teams are available when you need us.Both residential and commercial clients have trusted Acworth Tree Service for decades and we look forward to adding you as our satisfied customer.

Whatever your particular needs are, Acworth Tree Service will provide on-time service, superior workmanship, and affordable prices. Call us at 404-805-9636. We will send out an Estimator who will assess your tree situation and discuss with you the most effective method of treatment for your trees and provide an accurate free estimate you will be pleased with.

Regardless of whether you own many wooded acres, one carefully nurtured tree in a small backyard, or somewhere in between, Acworth Tree Service employs only the most knowledgable, experienced crew members. Through conservation, cultivation, removal if necessary, always with strict adherence to all health and safety regulations, we will meet and exceed your expectations. Do not trust your valuable natural resource, your Trees, to the wrong Company. Improper tree care can kill trees and/or thwart the natural growth process for years. Acworth Tree Service has earned the trust and respect of thousands of clients over the years to do the job right.
Like any living thing, Trees require careful maintenance and attention to flourish and be their best.  Trees add so much to the beauty of your landscaping, and we all know how having healthy trees improves the value of your property. Many factors can cause a tree to start ailing, certain insect infestations, not enough water, deficiencies in the soil, will lead to diseased or dying trees. Acworth Tree Service crews know how to recognize and diagnose what is wrong with your trees and plan the best techniques to restore health.

We have all seen the devastating effect some of the severe Ga storms have on property-particularly trees. After these storms, cutting and removing branches which have been damaged is sometimes sufficient, depending on the amount of damage incurred. Often,though, Tree Removal is the safest course..Tree Removal is definitely the most dangerous aspect of tree care. Many people have been injured or killed attempting to  trim and cut branches on severely damaged trees, or even attempting to remove the trees themselves. This task should only be entrusted to the professionals at Acworth Tree Service. We will perform the Tree Removal using only the latest techniques and equipment-always with safety at the forefront.
People often ask "How long will the Tree Removal Take?" Each situation is different and many factors go into considering the time involved to remove a tree. They include the degree of difficulty, the state of the tree {can it safely be climbed? i.e.} weather, all affect the length of time needed in Tree Removal. During your Free Estimate those items will be considered if it is Removal you require.

Acworth Tree Service
 is a family owned and operated business. Desmond Allred began our Company and instilled a love and respect for trees and their care in his son, Ashley Allred, who has been running the Company now for many years. You can rest assured when you call Acworth Tree Service that you are putting your trees and property into the most capable hands available.

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30101, 30102, 30103, 30356, 30374, 30314, 30362, 30330, 30341, 30380 If you do not see your zip code, call us anyway. We cover a very extensive area and will travel where necessary to handle your Tree Care needs.

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