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Professional Tree Cutting & Care Services In Buford GA

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Buford Tree Service, a subsidiary of the Atlanta Tree Company, has built and maintained an impeccable reputation with both our commercial and residential clients for over 30 years. Our superior workmanship, coupled with on-time service and surprisingly affordable prices, has earned us the trust and repeat business of thousands of customers during that time.
We are a fully insured company,  always strictly adhering to all health and safety regulations.

Tree Service Buford GA - Tree Removal - Tree Trimming - Tree Care

We employ only the most knowledgable, skilled arborists and crew members to handle your tree service needs. Throughout most of Georgia, and the Southeastern United States, we have cared for the property of clients as if it were our own.
When you call Buford Tree Service at 404-805-9636, we will send out free of charge an Estimator. He will assess your trees condition and discuss with you the best methods of correcting the problems of dying, diseased trees and restoring your trees to health, or removal  if necessary.   

 Many factors can cause a tree to become sickly. Some are: Lack of water, soil deficiencies, certain insect infestation, or even human misuse. Like any living thing, trees require care and attention to thrive. Well maintained , healthy trees add so much beauty to your property, and significantly increase the value of your property as well. Our experienced teams recognize what your trees need. Whether certain grinding techniques are required to remove dead wood, reshaping of unwanted branches, or if parts of the tree are structurally unsound, Buford Tree Service uses only the latest equipment and techniques to care for your valuable natural resource, trees.

Our helpful Customer Service answers calls and sets appointments 24/7.

We have all experienced the devastating storms that wreak havoc on our part of the country occasionally. Buford Tree Service will be there when you need us in times of emergency! This type of destruction of property from storms often requires Tree Removal. This type of tree service is the most dangerous and one of our areas of expertise. Many people are injured or killed each year attempting to remove unsound large branches or even entire trees themselves. This type of job should only be entrusted to the experts at Buford Tree Service! We will perform the work with the safety of you and your property at the forefront.When you call us at 404-805-9636 in an Emergency situation, we will promptly have an Estimaor tor there who will determine the cost and time needed to remove a damaged tree. Factors considered are the condition of the tree {can it be climbed, for instance?}, the proximity to other trees or structures, the weather, all will be taken into consideration. Then you will receive a free quote of  time  needed and cost we guarantee you will be pleased with. 

Buford Tree Service has been family owned and operated for well over three decades. Our tree company has insisted on the highest standards of work excellence, customer service, and integrity which have become the Touchstone of Buford Tree Service.

30518, 30519, 30542, 30566, 30041, 30024, 30011, 30019, 30043, 30024 If you do not see your zip code, call us anyway. We cover a very extensive area and will travel where necessary to handle your Tree Care needs.

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