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Emergency Tree Removal

Emergencies happen fairly frequently, especially weather-related emergencies living in the beautiful state of Georgia. Anyone here for any length of time knows our weather takes on extreme conditions, year-round. Most particularly in fall with hurricane season, and the tremendous springtime thunderstorms we have cause their share of drama as well.
Atlanta Tree Company will be there right when you need us in an Emergency situation!

Atlanta Tree Company is the Right company to call when you need emergency tree or property assistance. Living in the Atlanta area, we have been called upon to help customers in an amazingly diverse amount of tree-related emergency situations! Our fast response, outstanding service, and quality workmanship has earned us the trust of countless Residential and Commercial clients for many years. We are very proud of the confidence placed in us and try to excel our work, every job, every situation. Our goal is to be the company our clients use again and again for their tree and Landscaping needs.

Atlanta Tree Company

The very nature of an Emergency usually dictates it will occur at an inconvenient time. Atlanta Tree Company has Live operators around-the-clock to take your calls and get a first-class tree crew on the way-regardless of the time!
Every tree-related emergency is unique. Conditions vary from one home to the next, so we do not quote a "one price fits all" amount. Rather, our offering to our customers a Free Quote means we take the needed time to do a thorough assessment of your property, ask pertinent questions as to the level of work you would like, then, when your concerns are addressed and our examiner has the complete picture of damage, he will give a quote of time needed and the amount to correct problems which usually involve cutting or removing trees, stabilizing the home from further tree damage, removing debris and dangerous large and branches, and any other services you request.
Some clients want stumps ground and removed, others do not. Some want damaged wood cut and used as firewood, while others don't want that service. The bigger issues to be faced are:

Does a tree(s) need removed?
What is the condition of any damaged trees?
Is the tree(s) able to be climbed?
What is the proximity to other trees or structures?
Will heavy equipment be necessary?

These pertinent questions are why we say no one price fits all circumstances. During your Free Assessment and Free Quote, your Estimator will pay close attention to the situation at hand and your personal preferences. Then he will arrive at a time needed to complete the work, and a price we guarantee you will be pleased with.
Of course, the use of cranes and/or bucket trucks will up the cost, but to ensure the utmost safety is undertaken for your property and our workers, we never do shoddy or unsafe work. We can still keep our prices low and do a great job at the same time. Our interest is safety and quality. and having your repeat business for other projects of a more pleasant nature, such as Landscaping trees or other projects you have in mind.
Never attempt any tree or large limb removal by yourself or with some well-meaning friends. This aspect of tree work is by far the most dangerous. People are severely injured and lose their lives every year by thinking it's not that difficult an undertaking. Sadly, as mentioned, the emergency gets compounded into a tragedy when this mistake is made. There are simply too many unsafe variables to face. the risk is just not worth it!
Let Atlanta Tree Service Arborists and Emergency crews take on this task for you. Your family and friends will be glad you did. We assure first-rate, excelling safety and top-notch work, every time. Never allow a tragic accident to compound the scare your family has just faced with the Emergency situation to begin with. They need you safe and healthy, and we promise fair and reasonable rates for you.
Atlanta Tree Company will quickly, safely, and affordably restore your property to a pristine condition. We are also there if you have had tree loss and would like to consider replacing trees destroyed in an emergency. Speak with our Professional Estimator to determine what options will work best for your property and how to keep trees safer in severe weather. Thank You!

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