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Sick & Distressed Trees

You have one or more favorite trees on your property that seem to be ailing and you may not know why, how, or what the problem is. That is very understandable, as there are literally thousands of insects, diseases, weather conditions, and even human misuse that cause our trees to become sickly and unproductive.
Particular Tree species each have their own unique threats as well. For instance there is an insect called the Pine Bark Beetle that has been the cause of the decimation of large acres of pines in the southern states. They breed in innumerable thousands and their voracious appetites are enabled by their mouth's ability to chew nonstop.
Other types of trees,such as many Oak varieties have rot diseases, gall, fungi, and insects that target them as well. Unless you are an Arborist, it is unlikely anyone can know and apply the proper healing process for every tree.
Atlanta Tree Company, on the other hand, has decades of hands-on knowledge, and intensive training which has led to our ability to know at-a-glance what is ailing your particular trees. Diagnosis is one of many features of our science that we excel at-given the time, experience, and dedication we have to our profession.

There are many identifying marks to look for if you suspect something is infesting your valuable trees. Some include:

  • Mushroom at the tree base
  • Dead and Weakened Branches
  • Cavities on tree
  • Sawdust chips piled along base or trunk
  • Crack around tree limbs or base
  • Hollow or damaged-looking areas on tree
  • Infected or discolored leaves, branches, and roots
  • Insect damage to leaves and trunk
  • Dead limbs or broken tops

Your most effective course is to call Atlanta Tree Company at the first signs of tree sickness or distress. That is what we excel at and know-diagnosing and treating tree ailments. It is always best to call sooner rather than later. As is the case with human sickness or disease, the sooner the diagnosis is made, and treatment administered, the sooner healing can begin. 
It may actually cause the death of your valuable trees if they are not taken care of in a timely manner. As is the case with Pine trees and the Beetle which attacks them, an entire forest can be killed in
a few short weeks if the infestation is not dealt with firmly and immediately.
Our precious trees are far too necessary to a healthy life and environment not to take care of them, as we would any part of our possessions. Trees in city and suburban areas depend on us to help them fight off attackers. To maintain the lasting benefits of your trees, and enjoy their beauty for generations, nip any problems "in the bud". Call Atlanta Tree Company for fast, efficient care and restored vibrancy of your trees. Thank You!

Don't let your trees become next winter's firewood! Get the proper care from the experts at Atlanta Tree Company! Many companies encountered on an Internet search are indifferent, uncertified guys with chainsaws. Don't expose your trees to that type of "care". Put your confidence in the Arborists and Certified Tree Care teams at Atlanta Tree Company. Your trees will thank you with generations of health and beauty!

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