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Our Tree Trimming Services in Atlanta, GA

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Free Estimates (404) 805-9636

The benefits of both trimming and pruning include promoting growth of the trees and protecting your property by preventing hazards. Atlanta Tree Company professional technicians safely remove dead, diseased or damaged branches.

  • Pole Clipping
  • Dead Limbs Removed
  • Tree Canopy Raised
  • Inside Growth Cleaned
  • Hazardous Branches Cut
  • Pruning Trees, Shrubs & Bushes
  • Tree Removal Services
  • Arborist Services

Tree Trimming

Trimming is the removal of branches or foliage for aesthetic purposes while improving the health of the tree and beautifying its appearance. This is generally for raising the canopy which allows clearance and thinning which is very productive for the tree and your yard. Regular tree trimming has the added benefit of clearing branches that may be impacted by high winds or even ice on rare occasions here. The upkeep of our trees can actually reduce power outages during bad weather.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is very similar to trimming, in that it involves the selective removal of branches, but it is typically performed for functional purposes sculpted to complement your home or business. Pruning is a horticulture practice involving the selective removal of parts such as specific branches, tips, etc. The main reasons for pruning ornamental and shade trees include safety, health, and aesthetics. This includes deadwood removal, shaping (by controlling or directing growth), improving or maintaining health, reducing risk from falling branches, preparing specimens, and increasing the yield or quality of flowers and fruits. The practice entails targeted removal of diseased, damaged, dead, non-productive, structurally unsound, or otherwise unwanted growth. Atlantic Tree Company specializes in pruning practices that encourage healthy growth in all your trees for years to come.

A fully insured business for over 40 years,we will give free estimates and competitive prices. We use only legal and certified tree team members that are drug free. We will match or price beat any legal and insured tree company quote. Must provide their invoice to estimator.

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