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Tree Cabling

Cabling is a process used to preserve mature, beautiful limbs and branches on historic landmark trees or in beloved trees in your own yard. Some massive Oaks, Maples, and other tree species can grow enormously large, long limbs. They form  a very beautiful, majestic sight, but need help to keep those heavy limbs from breaking off in high winds, strong storms, or other weather concerns.
Our Arborist with Atlanta Tree Company takes great pride in preserving these gorgeous trees, and know how to install the network of cables most effectively.
If you have trees you would like to have preserved in this manner-remember Atlanta Tree Company provides Free Quotes, which is very beneficial. You will get all questions and concerns answered and an affordable, budget-conscious price quote,

Bio Root Barriers

Installing Bio Root Barriers can save your home or business thousands of dollars in foundation and other issues. This process is what it sounds like-barriers of a choice of ecologically friendly materials are installed in the ground to prevent tree roots from going in a direction that heads straight for your foundation! Tree roots are "encouraged" to divert their direction to a different area underground that keeps your foundations and sidewalks safe.
No doubt you have seen the trouble caused by overgrown, exposed tree roots. It is dangerous and costly, in that these roots often cause tripping and falling accidents on sidewalks and in your yard. The roots are above ground in an effort to "breathe" when concrete or another material is blocking its path.
Ordinarily, in their natural environment, trees and their roots fare well in a forest, for instance. However, we love trees and plant large, beautiful trees in an area where obstacles abound, imperiling the trees' growth and your property.
Atlanta Tree Company can be there at the most convenient time to you for an examination of your trees and any roots that are coming above the ground. This fix is performed ideally before any major problems are encountered, but the barriers can be installed at any time. Again, our Free Quote will let you know exactly the cost of your job, with no unpleasant shocks later!

The roots on this large tree need room to spread and grow. Some species grow their roots much deeper, while other types of trees have root systems that are more shallow and therefore closer to the surface.
When needed space is not available, roots do what they have to do for air and nutrients. Unfortunately, their movement often results in big, unexpected expenses for property owners. Installing bio root barriers from Atlanta Tree Company is really an "ounce of prevention" worth taking advantage of!

Installation of Bio Root barriers. Our teams of Arborists and Certified Tree Care crews will have your work done on time, with superior quality and skill, and of course, fair and affordable prices. Call Atlanta Tree Company Today to schedule your Free Examination & Quote! Thank You.
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