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Tree Planting

Tree Planting is one of the best steps you can take to add beauty, shade, and literally hundreds of kinds of birds and other small creatures, such as squirrels, to your property. You will be adding financial value to your homesite, (as much as 15% or more), and save in other ways as well.
Trees can lower your air conditioning costs in summer and heating costs in winter months. Trees strategically planted on your property take the impact of strong, northern cold winds and bear the brunt of the sun's fierce heat, giving you welcome shade.
Many people fondly recall trees from their childhood home because so many good memories are created in a cozy yard with beautiful, healthy trees.

Well-chosen sites for your trees are no accident. Atlanta Tree Company's arborists have an incredibly extensive amount of knowledge of trees, plants, shrubbery, in all their amazing variety. Along with that knowledge, is know-how-where trees thrive best, what type of fertilizer is best for each species, and location, location, location for your trees is vital for the trees'  natural function and growth.

Citrus trees are another gem to add to your Landscape plan. There is something so special about enjoying sweet, juicy peaches, apples, pears, whatever you like from your own trees! Atlanta Tree Company only accesses trees raised with the highest standards of care and health. We have the ability to procure any type, species, and variety of trees you desire, at the height of health and ready to be planted and thrive in your yard.

Keep your healthy trees thaat wat or give your sickly trees the treatment they need. Regular scheduled maintenance with Atlanta Tree Company means the best-looking abd producing trees in your neighborhood, and peace of mind that they are in the best hands available! Call today and let's get planting! Thank you!

Atlanta Tree Company

Trees of almost any size are able to be planted successfully by Atlanta Tree Company arborist and Certified Tree Care teams..

Of course, there are more favorable times of the year to transplant larger trees, such as late fall when they are going dormant. Trees dug up and moved will lose a substantial portion of their root system. Being placed in their new location over the fall and winter months, especially in a climate with mild winters such as ours, will give roots a chance to establish themselves and be ready for a vigorous growth period in spring.
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