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Certified Arborist

Atlanta GA Arborist
  • certified arborist
  • consulting arborist
  • tree disease control
  • sick tree diagnoses
  • insect & bug treatment
  • tree spraying
  • trees cared for
  • plant health care
  • tree feeding
  • fertilization of trees
  • tree pruning
  • trimming trees
  • tree removal service
  • custom tree pruning
  • consultant services
  • tree planting
  • shrub treatment
  • emergency arborist
Affordable Tree Evaluations & Arborist Services!


An Arborist is an Expert in the science of arboriculture, the study, managing, and cultivation trees, vines, and all forms of woody perennials. His focus is on the upkeep, restoring, and maintenance of individual plants and trees, rather than entire forests. His profession has a lot in common with forestry, but the work scope is very distinct.

Arborists with Atlanta Tree Company have all applicable credential, and have fulfilled the required time frame of study, plus passed all rigorous testing involved for his certification. However, our arborists and certified tree care teams go way beyond the minimum requirements. We select only dedicated, personnel to represent our company, having a true love and passion for the important work they perform!

Trees that are healthy create environments we live in that are healthy. Our trees are such a vital part of our entire existence, we all benefit when they are attended to with the proper care and respect. Trees in a forest setting are generally complete with nourishment and nutrients derived from its surrounding natural environs. The decomposing matter on forest floors keep the trees healthy because that is their natural habitat. When trees are removed from that type of surrounding, they become dependent on people for much of their nutritional needs. They also have to vie with large green, thirsty lawns, concrete structures, plants and shrubs, etc. for the water and nutrients necessary to thrive.

Atlanta Tree Company  - Certified Arborist know exactly what type of nutrients your particular tree species need for optimum health. We are specialists with intensive and extensive training and study of trees throughout the state of Georgia, and most of the United States. Our arborists are well-versed in all types of Oaks, Pines, Elms, Hickories, Talas, Maples, All Citrus trees and Nut-bearing trees.

There is not a tree that we are not able to trim, prune, shape, cable, enhance, or remove safely if that is the best option. We can treat existing trees you have or assist you in selecting and planting new trees to be enjoyed for decades. We can transplant trees for you as well. Our goal of the highest quality work and service is something we take very seriously and you will notice this sterling quality in our company from the initial contact to your finished project!

We provide the most comprehensive, correct procedures for any work your trees need. Our teams do ongoing study of any and all latest finds and discoveries in the arborist science. We utilize the latest and most effective methods of treating disease or insect infestation. Our equipment is always perfectly suited to the task at hand and safety of all involved, and of course, your property, is #1 priority!

Our certified arborists and tree care teams go above and beyond all health and Safety requirements, every time. We are fully insured and have a reputation we are very proud of over our 40+ years in tree care. Countless repeat Residential and Commercial clients attest to the fact that we have proved to be the right company to call with all tree and landscaping services you desire!

 Safety foremen are prevalent and diligent on every jobsite, ensuring smooth and accurate procedures and peace of mind and confidence for you. We care for your trees and property as if our impeccable reputation rides on each job-which it does!
Check out our subpages in the  "Certified Arborist"page that explain in detail some of the services our Arborists can provide!

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