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Welcome to our Atlanta Tree Service Company Website! The tree service team in our company consist of professional tree cutters, trimmers and care specialists that help residential homeowners and commercial businesses all year long. We use only educated arborists who have cultivated an aboundance of proper tree care techniques and cutting strategies. All tree service crews we use are fully insured, work safely and are affordable in today's economy.

Tree removal and trimming crews we work can eradicate any limb, branch, tree, shrub or vegetation life safely without causing damage to your home, building or landscape. We only hire the best certified arborist in Georgia! What can our tree service in Atlanta do for your plants, shrubs and trees? Call now and we will book your reliable and affordable tree service estimate, fast and with an educated arborist


Call today for a rapid FREE quote and a dependable society of foresters in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding cities.

Atlanta, Georgia:
  • Tree Removal Service
  • Tree Trimming
  • Certified Arborist
  • Pruning Trees & Shrubs
  • Affordable Tree Care
  • Tree Maintenance Services
  • Tree Topping, Shaping
  • Canopy Of Trees Raised
  • Inside Dead Wood Cut
  • Water Sprouts Removed
  • Tree Beautification
  • Dead Tree Removal
  • Multiple Tree Cutting
  • Senior Discounts
  • Arborist Services
  • Limb, Branch & Bushes Clipped
  • Lot Clearing
  • Land Cleared
  • Stump Removal
  • Emergency Tree Removal

Atlanta Tree Company is the company to call on for all your tree service needs. Operating throughout all of GA, and the southeastern United States, we have built an impeccable reputation for over 30 years. With thousands of clients who rely on us to get the job done quickly and efficiently we are a tree service you can depend on during all seasons of the year. Superior workmanship, on-time service, and our surprisingly reasonable prices earn us the repeat business of both commercial and residential customers.

Atlanta Tree Service Company is an established company in Georgia and well known throughout all the cities around Atlanta. We are a fully insured company, always strictly adhering to all health and safety regulations. Hiring the most skillful, knowledgeable, arborists and crew members available, we are confident we will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Our helpful customer service staff answers calls and sets appointments 24/7 at 404-805-9636. When you call Atlanta Tree Company, we send out free of charge an estimator to assess the condition of your trees/property. He will discuss with you the best methods for correcting the problems of diseased, dying trees, or if conservation is not possible, the removal of dead trees.

Tree Diseases & Fungus

Root Rot & Tree Cavities

Sick, Diseased & Fungus Infected Trees

Many factors can cause trees to become sickly. Some are: lack of water, soil deficiencies, certain insect infestation, even human misuse. Like any living thing, beautiful trees require care and attention to thrive if they are to maintain life in this environment. Atlanta Tree Service team members are trained to recognize exactly what your trees need. They know the differences between problems indigenous to oaks, pines, maples-all different trees in our environment. Each type of tree will then be treated for its' particular ailment. Portions of a tree may develop diseased, dying wood. To conserve the tree and prevent spreading, the diseased portions can be carefully ground off. The tree is then sprayed and treated against further infestation. These procedures promote healing and encourage natural growth functions to resume.

How Can Tree Trimming Help My Trees?

Branches occasionally grow too large and unwieldy, becoming structurally unsound. This poses a risk of falling limbs and possible injuries or home and vehicle damage. Cutting, trimming, and pruning these branches eliminates the risk. Perhaps the branches are not necessarily threatening, but may have blocked a view or are simply unwanted where they have become overgrown. Targeted removal of specific branches improves the tree canopy and allows more orderly growth patterns to take place. Well-kept, healthy trees add so much beauty and hominess to your landscape, as well as significantly increases the financial value.

Atlanta Tree Company uses only the latest equipment and techniques to care for your valuable natural resource, trees.

We have all experienced the devastating storms that pass through of part of the country from time to time. Atlanta Tree Company will be there when you need us in an Emergency situation! This type of major destruction from storms often requires damaged tree removal. Tree Removal is by far the most dangerous aspect of tree service and should only be entrusted to the Professionals at Atlanta Tree Company. Many people are injured and killed each year attempting to cut and remove large, damaged branches or entire trees themselves. There are so many dangerous variables involved in these procedures-doing it yourself is simply not worth the risks! Tree removal is our foremost area of expertise and is always performed with your safety and concern for your property at the forefront.

You can call The Atlanta Tree Service we offer in an emergency situation at 404-805-9636 and we will promptly have an estimator there to evaluate the condition of your trees and property. If removal is necessary people naturally want to know how long it will take. The estimator will consider factors such as: What is the condition of the trees? Can they be climbed?, for example. What is the proximity to other trees or structures? What is the current weather situation? He will then arrive at a time needed for the work and a price we guarantee you will be pleased with.

Certified Arborist - Emergency Tree Removal - Atlanta Tree Cutting - Tree Pruning Specialist

Atlanta Tree Company has been family owned and maintained tree service business for over 4 decades. Ran with educated arborist and insured tree cutters. These same qualities are the Touchstone of our deluxe Atlanta tree service which our thousands of customers have come to rely on and expect. We encourage you to call Atlanta Tree Company today for all your arborist and specialty tree care needs. We appreciate the trust all our clients have put in us and look forward to having You as a satisfied, repeat customer!

Dead Tree Removal Service - We can help removed dead, diseased and dying trees with care to your lawn, property and home. Dead trees will tend to break easier and are more unpredictable then live ones. Cut down your dead trees before you or someone gets hurt.

Dangerous Tree Removal Service - Tree that are over your home, building, structural form, or difficult call us today for a free evaluation and estimate. Large or dead trees are dangerous and require special removal techniques.

Pine Tree Removal Service - Many pines have died because of the southern pine beetle infestation, which has increased because of the drought. If your require a pine to be cut down, receive our quote first and save on your pocketbook.

Oak Tree Removal Service - Oaks are strong and will not die as easy as pines or other hard woods. But once again, lack of water, or bug infestation can bring kill it. There are many different types of oaks and each one should be trimmed or removed according to their type and situation. We love our beautiful oaks and pines, so lets keep them watered, maintained and healthy for years to come.

We provide tree removal services in Atlanta, Marietta, Smyrna, Roswell, Alpharetta, Cumming, Acworth, Milton, Mableton, Austell, Lawrenceville, Stone Mountain, Norcross, Johns Creek, Suwanee, Duluth, Kennesaw, Powder Springs, Dunwoody, Holly Springs GA, Canton, Brookhaven, North Druid Hills, Buckhead, Decatur, Vinings, Woodstock, Cartersville, Dallas GA, Doraville, Tucker and all the other surrounding cities of Atlanta GA.


We specialize in the trimming and removal of a pecan tree, elm tree, maple tree, oak trees, chinese tala trees, hackberry tree, pine tree, poplar tree, sweet gum tree, bradford pear tree, crate myrtle tree, willow trees, live oak trees, red oak trees, pin oak trees, water oak trees, willow oak trees, white oak tree, black oak tree, birch tree, Bayleaf trees, cedar tree, cypress tree, spruce tree, cherry tree, tree removal and trimming.

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